Intelligent Service Automation
Drive growth and increase productivity through process automation
We can handle even the most complex of service and case management needs with ease.
eAutomate® is revolutionary in its approach and operates on a fundamentally different way over traditional case management solutions. We achieve productivity gains of as much as 90% over traditional back office applications.

eAutomate® can optimize your business processes that deliver real productivity improvements. Our pre-built solution can be readily tailored to your own custom needs or create your own workflow using the power of the eAutomate Platform.

Our fully managed and cloud hosted solution connects your business process with powerful integrated technology to delivery a unique and tailored digital experience to your customers, while reducing direct IT costs.
Everything a service based organisation needs plus our intelligent automation engine
Membership Automation
Membership Automation
The customer experience without limits

eAutomate gives service organisations the ability to engage and empower their customers like never before, ensuring the organisation can release valuable internal resource from the mechanics of case administration thus ensuring they can focus on more creative and supportive activities.

Our solution combines all the digital services needed to support a modern, customer focussed organisation, including a fully featured and powerful web publishing engine and integrated CRM, credit card and Direct Debit ePayments with end to end automation. It is the future of case managemetn software and it can be readily deployed to any organisation due to its modular and custom cloud-based architecture.

eAutomate works across many industries and sectors and will ensure your organsiation can compete effectively, and more importantly, profitably, in your own choosen market.
Better customer engagement and experience
Improved customer retention and happiness
Advanced customer profiling and personalisation
Any device, anytime, anywhere
CRM, CMS, ECommerce, Payments and Communications - connected and integrated, as one
Platform features
Intelligent and connected CRM
Sales and order processing
Integrated Stock Control
Integrated stock control and warehouse management
Integrated Payments with EPayment
Replaces separate ERP and website with one connected solution
Service organisations already benefitting ..
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