Membership Automation
The all-in-one membership automation solution
Welcome to the future of membership management
eMembership™ is revolutionary in its approach and operates on a fundamentally different way over traditional membership software systems and solutions. The philosophy is simple. Focus on the membership experience to ensure each member feels valued and special.

eMembership can be readily deployed as a fully integrated end to end solution or work in harmony with existing back office administration systems or modern CRM systems.

eMembership™ is unique in that it takes direct responsibility for the delivery and execution of the membership experience. It does this by using real-time data, in an intelligent and intuitive way, to provide a unique and engaging membership experience tailored to each individual member's need. To do this everything needs to be connected and integrated into a single intelligent process, welcome to the future of Membership management.
Everything a membership organisation needs plus our smart automation engine
Membership Automation
Membership Automation
The member experience without limits

eMembership™ gives membership organisations the ability to engage and empower their membership like never before, ensuring the organisation can release valuable internal resource from the mechanics of administration thus ensuring they can focus on more creative and supportive activities. It combines all the digital services needed to support a modern membership organisation, including a fully featured and powerful web publishing engine and integrated CRM and ePayment with full automation. It is the future of membership software and it can be readily deployed to any membership organisation due to its modular and custom architecture. It really is that good and we'd love the opportunity to explain why.
Better membership engagement and experience
Improved membership retention and happiness
Advanced membership profiling and personalisation
Any device, anytime, anywhere
CRM, CMS, ECommerce, Payments and Communications - connected and integrated, as one
Platform features
Custom CRM with Intelligence built in
Integrated ECommerce
Subscription Automation
Content management that scales seamlessly
Event Automation
Intelligent Workflow and Automation
Member Self Service
Native Mobile App
Marketing Automation
When we say there are no limits ... we really mean it
Membership organisations already automating
Early Years Scotland
Scottish Childminding Association
Scottish Patient Safety Program
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