The Intelligent Subscription and Billing SaaS

Modernise and automate your billing and subscriptions processes with eAutomate

eAutomate® captures the intelligence of your billing and subscription processes and combines it with the power of AI and our continuous robotic process automation engine to seamlessly engage with your customers and back office systems

Modern day organisations require high levels of operational efficiency and productivity. This cannot be achieved using legacy software systems or multiple, non-integrated tools and applications. 

eAutomate┬« is a cloud-based, enterprise grade platform that enables businesses to harness the full power of AI and continuous robotic process automation to digitally transform key billing and subscription processes.  

Applying AI and Process Automation to key business processes, removes the burden and cost of having your staff deliver low value administrative tasks freeing them up to focus on higher value more creative activities.

Our digital workforce can work in tandem with your existing staff and systems to provide a seamless and personal experience to your customers.

eAutomate can delivery solutions when low code solutions can't
eAutomate has been designed from the ground up to meet the digital transformation needs of modern enterprises.   Many of the industry leading low code platforms promise to provide enterprise wide automation but rarely can this be achieved without using expensive, automated bolt on third-party RPA engines.  This leads to a disconnect between the data and the process and results in an the delivery of an inefficient experience for the user and customer.  eAutomate is the only solution that combines the power of continuous process automation with a fully integrated intelligence engine.  
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