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eCommerce that makes your customers feel empowered and valued
eTrade™ is revolutionary in its approach and operates on a fundamentally different way over traditional eCommerce and back office ERP systems.

Most traditional ecommerce solutions operate by forcing each customer follow the same rigid order process, regardless of how effecitve and efficient the process is for the individual. eTrade addresses this by ensuring that the customer experience remains the focus, rather than the underlying process. A subtle but revolutionary concept that transforms the customer experience and their interaction with your business.

Not only do customers begin to enjoy their online shopping experience more, they effectively become your extended sales team, happy to relate their online experience to their friends and relatives. The days when the consumer willing to accept a sub-standard, non-integrated shopping experience are well behind us. eTrade is the next generation of ecommerce software that enables high traffic websites to operate effectively and efficiently in an ever changing and competitive world of digital commerce.
Everything an ecommerce company needs and more plus our smart automation engine
ECommerce Automation
ECommerce Automation
ECommerce as it should be

Transferring responsiblity for the customer journey to eTrade ™ ensures each customer feels central to, and directly involved with the order process. They in turn feel happier and the organisation functions much more efficiently, only being alerted when their is a need. EAutomate can even take remedial action and manage situations before issues arise. Employing automation in this way ensures the organisation can remain focussed on the customer and not spend their time chasing the inefficiencies in the process.
Better customer engagement and experience
Improved customer retention and happiness
Advanced customer profiling and personalisation
Any device, anytime, anywhere
CRM, Content Management, Warehouse Management, Financials, Integrated Payments and Intelligent Communications - as one
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Intelligent and connected CRM
Sales and order processing
Integrated Stock Control
Integrated stock control and warehouse management
Integrated Payments with EPayment
Replaces separate ERP and website with one connected solution
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